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About Me

I have always loved capturing people on film. No matter what we were doing, my friends and family could count on me to have a camera.

Once I became a mother, my love of photography became a passion. Photography became my way of documenting my children as they are, right now–my way to capture and preserve every detail of babyhood and childhood.

Any parent can attest that childhood passes too quickly, and the small details that color our children’s lives and bring us the most joy are the ones that become fuzzy over time.

As parents we are the historians of our children’s lives. It’s our given duty and honor to document these fleeting moments, not only for our own enjoyment, but so we have tangible memories to pass onto our children when they are grown. It’s a parent’s way of saying to her child,  “You–who you are at this moment–are important and worthy of making history. ”

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by children, and my passion for photographs has beautifully merged with my insatiable desire to document my little subjects in the here and now, for always.

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