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The Day School Fall Pictures 2014

Taking pictures of preschool kids is one of my favorite jobs!  Each kid has a different personality and I love talking to them to bring out each one.  That way I give parents an image that truly captures their child.  And many of those images turn into Holiday cards.  I always fin it fun to run across the holiday cards with pictures I have taken on them!


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I haven’t used balloons in my shoots before but I thought it was time. Little Nina seemed like she needed some red balloons and she loved them! Plus we were in an urban area that would really make the balloons pop (sorry I couldn’t resist!) I did learn a lesson though. Bring out the balloons at the end of the shoot. That way, when they accidentally fly away you don’t risk shoot ending tears! But Nina cheered up and we got some more great shots!

The Day School Spring Photos

Another preschool had their pictures taken!  I love getting to know these kids.  It is so much fun trying to find the unique thing to get them to smile.  Sometimes you get great stories, sometimes you get belly laughs and sometimes you don’t even get a smile.  But I got to spend last week talking about how to defeat dragons, whether Queen Elsa or Princess Anna is better and even why Michael Jackson wore one glove.  What did you talk about?

MDO Spring School Photos

Taking pictures at preschools are one of my favorite things.  I get to meet so many cute kids with great personalities and each one at MDO made me smile and laugh.  They are each so unique and I think I captured their personalities in these pictures!  Enjoy!

And if you want to schedule a shoot for your whole family, just let me know!


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