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What to Expect

What will our session be like?

Before our session, we will have a consultation either by phone or email to discuss where you’d like your session to take place. For most clients this will be a park or part of town but some will be in your home.

On the day of our session, that’s when the fun begins! You can consider me to be your “mommy’s helper” for our time together. I want your session to feel like a playdate! Since I use only beautiful, natural light, I will most likely take a few minutes when I arrive to scope out where the “sweet light” falls in your home. Don’t be surprised if it’s in an unlikely spot. Then it will be time to get down to business—and that means play time!

To elicit those genuine expressions that you know and love, your child needs to be engaged in something genuinely interesting. Sitting still and “cheesing” for the camera does not fall into that category. We might pull out a favorite toy or book, or chat about their favorite movie. From my own experience as a mother, I know many children behave much differently when parents are not in the room (this usually applies to kids over 2). When mom or dad is there, some children feel they have to perform for the camera, or do just the opposite by not cooperating to show you  who’s in charge. If this sounds like your child, feel free to step outside of the room and fold some laundry, or just have a cup of tea or make some phone calls. Like I mentioned before, I’m there to play with your child, so enjoy the break!

What about families?

As you may have noticed, I have a very casual style of family photography. I often tell clients “Go have fun and pretend I’m not even here!” I’m not looking for you to sit smiling, legs crossed, head tilted,  poised for camera. I’m looking to capture those intimate moments you experience every day as a family. I often ask the dads to give piggy-back rides, or have siblings play ring-around-the-rosey. Again, its all about having fun and enjoying yourself. Notice a trend?

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